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Celebrities love White Smile Clinics!

White Smile Clinics are delighted to have recently whitened the teeth of some well known celebs - World Championship Boxer Joe Calzaghe and two of Hollyoaks' cast Craig Vye and Joel Goonan.

Star of hit show 'Take Me Out' visits White Smile Clinics

Chelsea visited one of our clinics to enhance her smile by having her teeth whitened.

See what she thinks of our home kits

Chelsea visits White Smile Clinics

Coronation Street Star Visits White Smile Clinics

One of the hotest stars on Coronation Street, Samia Ghadie who played Maria Connor, visits White Smile Clinics for teeth whitening treatment. Also, did you know? Samia appeared as Holly Valance for a celebrity version of Stars in the Eyes – which she won in 2005!

Likes: Beefy Builders and Dogs   Dislikes: Cliff-top Walks and Hospitals

Samia visits White Smile Clinics

New Hollyoaks star visits White Smile Clinics

The new star of Hollyoaks Craig Vye recently visited White Smile Clinics - Hollyoaks loves White Smile Clinics!!

"I found the whitening kits great quality and they really do help in keeping my new laser whitening shiny ! The Pen is so handy to use - quick and easy - I love it!"

Joel Goonan visits White Smile Clinics

Current Hollyoaks bad boy Joel Goonan behaved himself admirably when he stepped into our Manchester clinic recently.

We had treated Joel's sister previously and she was extremely happy with the treatment. Joel was duly recommended and popped in to have a brighter sile in just an hour as his schedule is a busy one.

"Joel and his sister love their home kits and Joel opted for the custom tray as he says he loves its snug fit"

Joe Calzaghe visits White Smile Clinics!

World Championship Boxer Joe Calzaghe visits White Smile Clinics.

"Joe loves his new bright smile comleted in just 1 hour and Joe took an extra Home Whitening Kit and Tray for a family friend"

Celebrities who have had their teeth whitened!

It's surprising how many people have had teeth whitening and below we have displayed some pictures of well known celebrities to give you an idea of how we can improve your smile so that it is brighter and whiter!

The Beyond System – Now at Elstree Studios, London!

Everyone wants to look their best and none more so than the X-Factor finalists who were recently advised by TV star, Simon Cowell, to have their teeth made gleamy white by laser whitening treatment – therefore making the most of their makeovers.

The talent show boss is said to have become obsessed with the Hollywood smile since making it big in the US with American Idol. Simon is reported to have spent thousands on caps for his teeth, as well as whitening them to get rid of nicotine stains from his smoking habit. Being such a fan of teeth whitening, Simon is said to regularly compliment auditioners and fellow TV stars on their newly whitened teeth!

X-Factor Singer Ruins his Teeth Whitening

Following his smile makeover, X-Factor singer Daniel Evans revealed that he ruined his dramatic teeth whitening results by drinking tea too soon after the treatment!

The 38-year old singer admitted that he ignored warnings to avoid dark liquids for 24 hours after the laser teeth whitening treatment. However, Daniel was still upbeat saying that his teeth looked beautiful after the whitening and, along with the pampering he received, has really enjoyed himself.